Seven West Media Head of Group Analytics and Insights Joins Audience Group

SYDNEY, Australia – 28 April 2020 Full-service, independent media agency Audience Group has today announced the appointment of former Seven West Media Head of Enterprise Analytics, Ron Ramaiya, to further develop its Audience Analytics capabilities for both marketers and publishers.

Under Ramaiya’s leadership as Director Analytics, Research & Insights, Audience Analytics will continue the agency’s focus on combining advertising and media strategy with the disciplines of data science and analytics.

Ramaiya’s appointment comes as Audience Group has broken into this year’s AFR Fast Starters top 50 list thanks to several years of consistent growth and a strong year of client acquisitions.

Ramaiya joins Audience Group from Seven West Media, where he spent more than five years developing the publisher’s comprehensive digital and data product offering, as well as driving multi-million dollar campaigns for some of Australia’s largest household brands.

Over the course of his 25 year career, Ramaiya has held senior data science and analytics roles with AMP Financial Services, Global Red Behavioral Marketing, Foxtel and others, with a focus on customer analytics informing marketing and advertising strategy. He has participated on a collection of global panels consulting to those designing martech, adtech and programmatic environments to deliver commercial outcomes.

Reflecting on taking on a new leadership role during a global pandemic and economic slowdown, Ramaiya says, “In times like these, it makes sense for companies to have a greater reliance on data analytics. The decisions made by businesses during difficult times need to be particularly well thought out, and – in the right hands –  analytics provide clarity and reassurance.”

Audience Group Director and co-founder James McDonald says that Ramaiya has made an impressive career out of driving significant business outcomes mixing powerful insights with martech and adtech.

“It takes more than years of experience to lead an agency team and find the perfect balance of creativity and analytics for your client’s advertising and media programs,” says McDonald. “There’s a real art to it, and that’s what Ron brings to the table.”

Ramaiya looks forward to using his broad media industry knowledge and deep customer insights to craft potent data-driven media and marketing strategies for his clients.

“It’s not enough to find insights. They must be actionable and provide a clear line of site to the client’s commercial outcomes,” said Ramaiya. “We’re driving outcomes like appointments, walk-ins, sales, sign ups, registrations, churn reduction, and consumer spend growth. We’re providing evidence-based advertising strategies and consumer analytics that helps marketers spend their budgets cleverly.”

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