if it can be measured,

it can be managed.


The first part of any measurement is to understand what’s important to measure. If it doesn’t effect the final business outcome, then does it need to be measured? The rise of big data has seen endless new ways to learn more about your audience, but knowing how to use this information often raises even bigger questions.

We’re big fans of solving our client’s problems with the tools already at their disposal. We demonstrate to our clients that they can generate new sources of customer data and analytical tools using the technology they already have. Our datamart can provide access to 200+ API’s that plug and play with your existing software and reporting suites.

At the heart of our love affair with numbers is being able to transform a mess of data points into something real. We always provide to our clients results that are readable and easily accessible throughout a campaign. With often bespoke dynamic dashboards demonstrating key campaign metrics. By seeing more, you know more and by unlocking this data we help our clients unlock new insights into their audience and their business.


Any campaign that Audience manages must be:

  1. Measurable in its costs and results
  2. Improvable through testing and analysis
  3. Expandable with confidence.

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