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Audience Group is a fast growing, full service media agency. We can show you better ways of buying media, using your data and our evidence based approach. We can help you to find your audience faster and more accurately by targeting people we know have a higher propensity to buy your product. Our goal is to help you get better results with your media budget.


Our clients are buying less waste, measuring what’s really working and predicting the effect of advertising spend so they can invest media dollars with confidence.

The most successful organisations are working to gain insights from real-time data to add value across the business. Your marketing and media program should be no different.

• Goodstart – 30% increase in their centre enquiries year-on-year, from a 1% increase in budget.

• Collins Foods Limited (Pete, can we get KFC, Sizzler and Taco Bell logos as indicative of CFG?) – Cost-per-customer acquisition has reduced by 33%. Restaurants booked out for sigificant calendar events well ahead of campaign end dates.


• AFGC – Halved the media investment required to build awareness of key issues.

• The Village – 38% reduction in their cost-per-lead over the past 18months. Property Council of Australia award winning sales & media campaign for 2018.



more effective media.

Our clients are used to engaging media agencies to develop brand stories told through paid, earned and owned media. We can do better than that.

The best media strategy is one that is driven by the business strategy, linked with business outcomes and guided by data. That’s what we do. Each campaign’s effectiveness is continuously tracked, in relation to your business objectives, and it’s agile enough to be deftly adjusted when the data warrants.

Historically advertising and media planning have been managed with a top down approach that has been creatively led. Brilliant minds have pushed messages to audiences in the hope that they resonate. Today we don’t need to guess at what media or creative solution may or may not work. We use evidence based advertising.

Using the right data points, Artificial Intelligence (and some Human Intelligence), we can understand the messaging and media that will work across a range of customer segments, often before we spend any money.

The most successful organisations are working to gain insights. They use real-time data to add value across the business, and your marketing and media planning should be no different.

Our proven, data-driven approach doesn’t stop when the campaign launches. The most effective media campaign execution uses real-time data over the course of the campaign to refine messages to different audiences across multiple media channels.

Messaging can be deployed to distinct groups and its effectiveness can be measured, regularly assessed and adjusted. Turn it up if it’s working well, turn it down if it’s not working well, turn it off it’s not working at all. Creative can be adapted and re-assessed for effectiveness while the campaign is still in progress.

The audiences we don’t buy are as important as the ones we do. Someone can look just like your ideal customer, yet they won’t ever buy from you. We help you stop buying these audiences so you can reinvest media and advertising dollars towards your higher quality prospects.


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Collins Foods Limited

We provide a range of products that can be integrated across work, or used individually as a part of a smaller engagement with us.

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SEM, Search

Programmatic media trading, performance media

Social media

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We deliver a comprehensive range of media solutions, designed to ensure that our clients experience high performing branding and performance campaigns.

We work in 3 clear areas to help you:

  1. Buy less waste
  2. Measure what’s working
  3. Predict the effect of advertising expenditure,
    so that you can invest your media dollars with confidence.


about us.

why we are different.

Audience Group is a full service, independently-owned media agency.


Our ability to transform the data being generated by your business and connect it to your media buying & planning, often in real-time, is key to unlocking the value in your data to inform your media buying decisions.


Our data driven approach uses observed, behavioural data fused with psychographics and buying intent to understand your audiences more intimately. Matched then to current audience profiling, we build and buy each client’s addressable audience; an audience we know is most likely to result in a sale. By focusing on the people who are in the market for your product, we achieve better results with your media budget. We don’t count the people we reach … we reach the people that count.


We place great value on evidence based advertising. It helps to ensure that what we are going to do will work and then as a campaign progresses, it shows that what we are doing is actually working. This allows our clients to spend money with confidence, significantly reducing both wasted time and money, as well as forecasting the outcome of their investment with more certainty.



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