Know how to act, before you act.


We may not like to admit it, but we’re creatures of habit. Our behaviours are patterns and by learning more about your audience we’re able to deliver more certainty in your campaigns.


Applying our client’s existing customer data with new learned insights, we’re able to model reactions before your campaign even begins. We refine campaigns through modelling and work with clients to ensure key objectives will be delivered before buying a single media placement.


Audience Group’s prediction tools allow us to provide our clients with true return on media investment. With greater certainty in our media strategies we deliver campaigns that won’t be wasted across broad demographic or geographic groups. Our confidence in Audience Group’s prediction tools means we can often incentivise our performance on achieving agreed campaign goals.

We refine
campaigns through modelling.




We deliver your campaign to meaningful granular groups;
ones that we know will seriously consider your offer.

The rise of Big Data. We can give you access to data that goes beyond improving your marketing, to data that can improve your business



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