The Result

Delivery of their best ever performing campaigns, combined with better audience insights.
A demonstrable redemption rate
of 38%.

Sizzler presents a warm, friendly face to its customers who represent a wide range of people. Sizzler’s distinctively designed, clean, friendly restaurants offer a ‘casual dining’ alternative that comfortably sits between fast food and fine dining.

Sizzler is wholly owned by Collins Foods Limited, an Australian listed public company. There are Sizzler restaurants in the USA, Thailand, Japan and China.


The brief

To demonstrate the effectiveness of digital media by attributing it to
in-store sales.

Having recently refreshed their brand strategy and visual identity, Sizzler was keen to ensure that the company’s online presence was a consistent part of the customer experience. To ensure on-going investment, any expenditure needed to demonstrate a return-on-marketing-investment.

How we approached it

Using Google Analytics, augmented with Google Insights, we were able to gain insight into how Sizzler customers were using the current website and where improvements could be made. By diving deep into
the user persona and behavioural patterns, we recreated the digital customer experience based upon what the customer was looking for, when they were looking and the device they were looking on. Location based services enabled us to streamline the experience to allow more relevant content to be offered at the particular time that the customer
is online.

One of the key challenges was to connect digital impressions to foot traffic. Each of the 25 restaurants had targeted ads active within a set radius. With a combination of device ID, mobile coupons (redemption offers) and users that stay logged into accounts across devices while surfing the web, we can attribute store visits from those that access a restaurant's WIFI or approach a restaurant's location.





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