Neo-Clinical is a start up business that recruits people for clinical trials.

Who wouldn’t want to sign-up for a clinical drug trial? Well, most people it seems. Neoclinical has the unenviable job of finding patients for pharmaceutical industry clinical trials. In the midst of various rounds of venture capital funding, there’s no room to have a bad month’s results let alone a bad quarter.


The brief

Find candidates for various clinical trials with very specific medical conditions who are motivated enough to look beyond their own family doctor and see a new physician. In addition, they must be prepared to test drugs and surgical techniques that are yet to be approved for public release.

Finding their audience.

A traditional media approach of building reach and frequency to a mass audience was never going to work. Firstly, as a recently established business Neoclinical could not provide an existing customer database for us to profile and find look-a-likes. Secondly, attempting to find someone living in Auckland who has been recently diagnosed with macular degeneration without structured information is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

We needed to find a way we could rapidly build participation based on people suffering from the medical conditions we were targeting who were also highly likely to respond. We built a profile, through third party research and purchased lists, of the potential audience. Then, as new clinical trials were added and new medical conditions targeted, we used available publisher, audience data and rapid profiling of website visitors to match an observable online behaviour with suitable candidates.

The Result

Neoclinical met its early lead numbers and targeted cost-per-lead targets without needing to resort to mass media. Nor did it need to spend money on establishing its brand. Subsequently, through effective audience targeting, we’ve kept their brand budget unspent and instead allowed for that budget to build engagement within their lead nurture program.




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